The Joy of Delivering the First Set of Orders

For me, last month was a month of sheer excitement and joy as I experienced God move in and through me. In December 2016, I relaunched the Hope Delivered® store with new products and a new vision. I'll never forget what happened in the days that followed...

I witnessed God’s faithfulness to me when orders started to appear in my inbox. 
I experienced God’s presence when I was firing up the printer to fulfill the orders. 
I felt God’s peace as I left the postmarked packages at the local post office.

As I was leaving the post office I thought to myself, Is this really happening? To my astonishment and with tears in my eyes, I answered my own question aloud with a confident, “YES!” 

Even though I only sold a small handful of pieces in the month of December, to me it showed me that God is still faithful and he is helping me achieve the dreams he placed in my heart. Hope was still celebrated through art and 20% was still given to support persecuted Christians worldwide. I know the road may feel slow, long and winding, but I will never forget the feeling I had back in December 2016. I’m fixing my eyes on the promise that God has for me and expecting great things in 2017.

Thank you for joining in on this journey with me and for contributing to my joy! I truly feel the depth of your support and prayers.

Behind the ScenesAmber