New Series Available: Joseph

We're excited to introduce the story of Joseph in Art Prints!

This new series is made up of 15 individual pieces and is inspired by the Biblical story of Joseph in the Old Testament book of Genesis, chapters 37-46. It's all about God's faithfulness, fulfilled promises and dreams coming true—the perfect series to kick off a new year.

From the Artist:

The reason I love this series so much is because I can resonate with Joseph. God has given me dreams and visions in the past. I've hit some hard spots along the way where I felt like there was no way out. I've been presented with opportunities that I needed to seize. I've had the realization in various situations that my trials of the past shaped me for a reason and had greater impact than I could've imagined. Joseph was given dreams that caused him to be sold into slavery by his own brothers and later imprisoned. Eventually, God brought Joseph full circle and we find him in a high profile position working alongside Pharaoh and saving his people (including his own family) from almost certain starvation. The story of Joseph reminds me that God can (and will) use any situation—no matter how bleak—to eventually prove his goodness and his glory. 

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