Be Ready. Stay Active.


During my devotional this morning, I read Isaiah 55:8 (NLT):

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. "And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine."

Right underneath the scripture were these bullet points from my devotional:

  • God wants to see what's in your heart.
  • God has your best interest at heart, so it's easy to trust him and to follow his instructions—even in the most impossible situations.
  • God wants you to ask him for wisdom and a for plan that will lead to victory. The catch is, you must stick with it no matter what happens.

God has given me a calling and He shows me where to walk on the path. The thing is, sometimes I like to take detours. Why? For some reason taking things into my own hands and "just getting them done" makes sense at the time, but really it causes more stress in the end. Plus, it blocks the blessing that God may have in store for me. But with His grace, I'm able to get back on the original path and move toward my destiny.

God is showing me that the path He gives me may not always be straight, and it probably won't be the fastest route, but it will be the best route to give Him the most glory. While I'm on this foggy path, I must be ready for the next turn, construction zone, stop sign, or roundabout that may present itself. In order to be ready for the unexpected, I must stay close to God through reading his Word, praying, worshipping Him and connecting with other believers. When changes in the route do come, I will have a relationship with God that I can quickly take refuge in, gain strength from and find rest in until the situations pass.

God is also showing me that I must be active while on the path He has given me. While I'm on this path, I must be working hard toward my destiny. When I come across a construction zone, I can't always sit around, waiting for God to repair the situation for me. It's important to join in and allow God to transform me so that I can be ready for what's in front of me. With every stop, stutter, turn and loop, I must be actively pursuing God—and in doing so, I will get closer to achieving the goals and dreams He has given me.

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