Story of Hope: Meesh


It's crazy that I was asked to share a story of hope during this season in my life, but the timing could not have been more perfect. I have had a rough couple of months due to some trials I have been facing. It was horrible in the beginning. I began to ask God, "Why?" all the time. I didn't see a way out and I was wondering what I had done wrong to deserve it. Why was I going through this? But, I soon began to see hope during one of the hardest seasons of my life. 

The hope started to rise in my life when I was no longer trying to understand it all and I just began to worship and seek God regardless of my situation. As a woman, my desire is to fix a problem whenever one arises. But, when I tried to do that this time I failed miserably. I quickly realized that God was my only Source. He was the only one who could fix my situation. I rested in the fact that even though I didn't know why this was happening, what was on the other side was immeasurably more than I can even imagine. Putting your life and your toughest situations in the palms of His hands is the most terrifying and most rewarding experience. You have to get to a point in your life where you stop trying to control, and just let God do only what He can do. I have seen Him do some amazing things in my life and I know He will do them again. 

Just being vulnerable, all of this did not happen in my life instantaneously. There were many night drives filled with tears, many confused prayers begging God to take it away and many days where I wasn't sure why God had allowed this. All of that is normal. When you are going through a rough trial in your life, the easiest thing to do is stay upset and throw a pity party. The hardest thing to do is believe that God is with you. What got me through was just being vulnerable with God. I told Him my raw emotions and feelings. God already knows how you are feeling but when you open your heart, He can truly heal it. Be open and honest with God. When you are, you will see Him working in the most unforeseen ways. And it is in these unforeseen ways where He reveals to us promises and truths of our future.

When I was in what seemed like the deepest valley, God gave me His strength. I continually sought Him out because that was the only thing making the pain seem nonexistent. As I was seeking Him, He revealed to me some things about my future and gave me promises. These promises were and still are something I am holding on to. They are confirmation that God has not left me, and that He loves me enough to let me know that in a very intentional way. The thing about promises is that they take faith to pursue. Faith to believe. Faith to believe even when your life doesn't show any signs of the promise, that He will still fulfill it. God gives us promises and He fulfills them to completion. 

The promises of God have given me hope in a season of my life that I didn't see a way out of. All of the tears, the confusion and the pain have a purpose now that I didn't see before. If you are going through a hard season of your life, seek God. What I have learned recently is that even when I am upset and mad that God allowed something to happen, the sooner I worship Him and seek Him, the faster I will be given clarity and a shifted perspective. Stop allowing yourself to be upset and start running after God because He is and will always be your Source. His plans for you are so good. His plans for you are so much greater; more than you can even imagine. He has not left you, He is preparing you for your promise and your future. Remember, God always keeps His promises. 

Story of HopeAmber