New Series Available: Call of Moses

The latest Old Testament series, Call of Moses, is now available in Art Prints!

This new series is made up of 14 individual pieces and is inspired by the Biblical story of Moses in the Old Testament book of Exodus, chapter 1 through the beginning of chapter 7. It's the story of the rise of Moses—from being sent down the river by his Hebrew birth mother to avoid death, to being raised by Pharaoh's daughter as an Egyptian child, to murder, running away and an eventual return to Egypt as the leader of the Hebrew people. The art of this series helps us relate to the hurt and shame Moses felt, the awe of God's presence and power Moses was compelled by, and also the feelings of inadequacy Moses felt to be used by God in such miraculous ways. This Art Print series sets up the story of the ten plagues of Egypt that will be next.

From the Artist:

This story gives me chills! It shows God's redemptive nature by the way he brings Moses, a murderer, into his presence and gives him the ability to lead the Hebrew people. This story should give so many of us confidence in God's presence. On our own we may be inadequate or unworthy, but when God calls out to us and we accept his invitation, he sources us with every ability we need, no matter what our past looks like. In fact, sometimes God uses the least likely, least qualified person for the job so that HIS glory shows through that much more. I'm really excited for people to get their hands on this series and be reminded of God's awesome power, immense love and undeserved mercy for us.

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