Marian's Story of Hope in Egypt


"God is love. God is kind. God is merciful. I have experienced this in my most difficult hour," she said. In December of 2016, a suicide bomber linked to an Islamic extremist organization killed 25 people in a Cairo church, including her father who died in her arms. After the tragic event, 15-year-old Marian shared, "I have felt God’s incredible comfort through these times. And I’ve felt the warm love of the Christian community. God takes, but He gives back more. I can’t repeat it enough, and I want the young adults around the world to know it as well.”

Egypt currently ranks 21st on the Open Doors World Watch List—a ranking of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most severe persecution for their faith. Will you join us in praying for believers there?

This story of hope was brought to light by Open Doors. To hear more about Marian's experience and to learn what it's like to be a Christian in Egypt today, check it out here.

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