Story of Hope: Brother Alim


Have you ever felt like your past was so terrible that God could never use it for any type of good? In this month’s newsletter from Open Doors, we read the story of Alim* and were reminded that God is bigger than all of our past mistakes and completely able to redeem even the worst of our sins. 

Alim spent many years of his life in the dangerous, underground world of drug smuggling in Central Asia. As it turns out though, running that ambitious operation gave him the exact skillset he would need later in life to smuggle illegal Bibles into the hands of desperate believers.

After Alim was caught drug-smuggling and thrown into prison, he spent several years behind bars avoiding the spiritual questions of life. He was done; he had completely given up. But, when Alim was offered the book of John by his cellmate, reading it changed the trajectory of his entire life. His hope was restored, he was able to break the chains of drugs and alcohol in his life, and he grew such a passion for Jesus that he went into seminary to become a pastor as soon as he was released from prison. The church he pastored was secret—it was in a hostile area, so they changed their location to avoid detection.

This experience also helped prepare Alim for an even greater ministry. According to the story from Open Doors, “Today, through your support, Alim directs one of the largest Open Doors Bible distribution facilities in all of Central Asia. Alim and his team smuggle the illegal Bibles, discipleship resources and evangelism materials stored here to churches throughout five nearby countries. This underground network provides believers with the vital words of Jesus to sustain their Christian walk. They also do what Alim’s cellmate once did for him—help unbelievers meet Jesus for the first time through the words of the Bible.”

Of course Alim understands the danger, but he also understands the importance of what they’re doing. Authorities come and search their facilities often, but materials are hidden. If caught, the operation will be shut down, believers will not receive these important recourses and Alim will be sent back to prison. But Alim leans over, smiles, and says, “We are here to start a revolution: to bring people from death to life!”

Stories like these are made possible by the prayers and support Open Doors receives through their ministry—and through you. 20% of every purchase through our Hope Delivered® store is donated to Open Doors to support persecuted Christians worldwide, building courage and hope into real people just like Alim.

Read the full story from Open Doors here.

*Representative name and photo used to protect identity

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