Design Inspiration for the Creation Series


Back in 2012, I had the itch to create a personal project of some kind with a fresh, minimalist look. I asked the Lord, “What story should I tell with my art?” With the clear answer, “mine,” God called me to illustrate the stories of the Bible.

Illustrate the BIBLE? Where do you even start with that?? The task seemed daunting at first, but then it just hit me. I saw the entire design in my head of “Day 6 of Creation: Man and Woman” with the rib and pile of dirt. I couldn’t design it fast enough; I had so much creative motivation to get that one on screen. When completed, it gave me the inspiration I needed and set the creative tone for every design that has now been included in the Hope Delivered® Art Prints. 

The rest of the Creation series came together quite nicely after that, but it wasn’t without challenge. For instance, on day 4, God created the entire universe when he made the sun, moon and stars to mark seasons and time. Deciding how to minimize that unfathomable feat into a simple illustration was no small feat. (More on that in this post about my design inspiration for Day 4.) Also day 1, the creation of light was trickier than I thought it would be. God didn’t create the sun until day 4, so depicting light had me stuck for a little bit. (Ultimately I decided on the light switch because with a simple command from God’s mouth, atoms, molecules and wavelengths were created and obeyed immediately—suddenly light existed; he seemed to just turn it on.)

I think people will especially enjoy “Day 7 of Creation: Rest” due to its fun design. It invites people to take a deep breath, think of their favorite vacation spot and will look nice hanging in any beach home or inspiration board anywhere. Plus, remembering that even God took an entire day to rest after a good week’s work invites us to do the same.

Overall, I hope you enjoy this 11-piece series as much as I do. Not only was it the first series I designed, but it also represents the start of life as we know it. …Kind of significant in the grand scheme of things. Using the 4” x 6” Mini Set would be a great way to help teach this story to children, almost like flash cards or story boards. I’d love to hear other uses you have for this series!

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