Story of Hope: Jonatan & Samuel


What were the greatest troubles of your days when you were 14 and 15 years old? Maybe it was what you would wear to school, who your locker partner would be, which video game you'd spend your allotted time playing, or what your parents were cooking for dinner that night... Perhaps you did have bigger worries, unfortunately, but the story of 14-year-old Samuel* and his 15-year-old brother Jonatan* I recently read on the Open Doors USA blog had my heart in knots.

These brothers are growing up in Columbia, where believing in Jesus puts them at risk of banishment and arrest from their tribal communities, even though they are children. Along with 13 other kids, they live in a refugee home called the Casita where they can study and demonstrate their faith freely.

“Where I am from, no one can live as a Christian, nor can they read the Bible because it has been forbidden,” Jonatan explains in the Open Doors article. “My father, though he is not a believer, gave me permission to come to the Casita and learn more about God.” Refusing to enforce the local religion can lead to the loss of land and even physical torture for parents there. 

The brothers work very hard at the Casita, cultivating the earth and attending school. They miss their family very much, but are motivated by the quiet Christian faith they saw their mother practice while they were growing up. Being able to freely practice their faith is very important to them.

“The thing I like most about the Casita is the opportunity I have to read the Bible and understand it,” Samuel shared. He dreams of reaching needy people some day as mayor. Jonatan dreams of helping his community as an engineer.

There's more so much more to this story and I believe you will be blessed and encouraged by reading. Please, check out the full story from Open Doors here.

Stories like these are made possible by the prayers and support Open Doors receives through their ministry—and through you. 20% of every purchase through our Hope Delivered® store is donated to Open Doors to support persecuted Christians worldwide, building courage and hope into real people just like Jonatan and Samuel.

*Representative name and photo used to protect identity

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