What My Daily Devotions Look Like


“Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause,” the dictionary says of “devotion.” Another definition listed is, “Prayers or religious observances.”

If I don’t show my love, loyalty and enthusiasm for my wife every single day, she may start to question my dedication to her, right? Isn’t it also true that if I didn’t spend quality time with her consistently, I wouldn’t get to know her as well as I could otherwise, or be as familiar with her voice or her heart’s intentions and desires? 

…Obviously you know where I’m going with this. If we say that our relationship with God—the Creator of the universe, Father to all, the Great I Am, King of kings and Lord of lords—is the most important thing in our lives, and that we want to know His will, we MUST be spending daily, dedicated, devoted time with Him.

The makeup of that daily devotion has transitioned for me over the years, but I thought I’d walk you through what it looks like for me in this current season.

I like to do my devotions first thing in the morning to set my heart, mind and perspective for the day. To have quiet and uninterrupted time with God, I need to get up earlier than my one-and-a-half-year-old son, so my alarm goes off at 5:10am daily so that I can spend at least 30 minutes before my workout and the rest of my morning routine. (Note, this also means I need to be in bed between 9:30-10pm each night to make that possible.)

If I’m in an overly “loungy” posture, I’ll fall asleep. If I’m sitting in a distracting or uncomfortable space, I won’t be able to focus. I like to sit on the couch in our living room under a lamp.

Wearing headphones that play worship music is a must for me. I like Elevation Worship, Hillsong, Jesus Culture, or mixes of similar styles to keep me focused. Sometimes to begin, I’ll just close my eyes to listen to a song or two, praising God for who He is.

Occasionally I’ll have my physical Bible open for reading, but lately I’ve just been reading the Bible on my phone through the YouVersion app. I like to follow along with 2-4 short, topical reading plans/devotions at a time through the YouVersion app that are relevant to my season. Currently I’m doing plans with topics on strengthening my mind, shifting my perspective and overcoming fear. While reading through those devotions, I take notes in my journal about things that stand out, things that challenge me or things I want to remember. I also read the day’s assignment in my chronological one-year Bible reading plan to keep Scripture fresh and top of mind for me.

After finishing all my reading and note taking, I spend some focused time praying on my knees. This actually consists of very little talking on my part—a confession, maybe a question or two and a request to help me hear His voice—and extended time in silence, focusing on the Lord and anything He may have for me. Sometimes this is five minutes of listening, sometimes more like 25 minutes or more, depending on the conversation.

I write down any impressions, reflections, visions, or Scriptures He brings to my mind, in addition to any responses I may have from my time with Him—insights, lessons, prayers, frustrations or questions.

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