Story of Hope: Tala


We just received the latest Open Doors newsletter in the mail, and the cover story definitely makes for the perfect Story of Hope to feature today.

"Intense pressure from their Muslim father hasn't stopped Tala* and her sisters from following Christ," the article said. In a secret location in the Middle East, Tala and her sister joined a group of house church leaders at a women's conference hosted by Open Doors. They were excited to grow in faith and community together in a safe place. In their culture, this is a huge deal, since they are expected to blend in and submit to a male-dominated culture. Choosing to believe in Jesus and lead a Christian life (and especially choosing to lead others to Him!) means they risk their own lives.

"We started reading the Bible together," Tala shares. "But when my father found out we had become Christians, he was so angry and did all kinds of things to try to make us lose our faith. For instance, he locked us up and forbade us from eating at the same table with the family."

The sisters even shared the gospel with a leader they were sent to who was specifically trained to convert them back to Islam. When that didn't work, Tala's father forced her sister to marry a Muslim man who now controls her every move. Although she can't attend house churches anymore or have contact with fellow believers, it hasn't stopped Tala and her other sister from believing and taking action to spread the ministry.

"My father has become softer in his approach to me. He sees how my sister and I keep treating him with love, event though he persecutes us," Tala said. "I pray that this will be the start for him to get to know Jesus."

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*Representative name and photo used to protect identity.