20% of every purchase from the Hope Delivered® store is donated to help persecuted Christians worldwide.  



It may be hard to wrap our minds around the reality that Christian persecution actually exists, but according to The Pew Research Center, over 75% of the world's population live in areas with severe religious restrictions. In nations such as North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia religion is either outlawed altogether or only one faith system is permitted. Did you know that Christians are the most targeted religious group in the world? In over 60 countries, simply because of their belief in the person of Jesus Christ, Christians face physical torture, isolation, rape, imprisonment, slavery, discrimination, and other forms of mistreatment. According to Open Doors USA, every month 322 Christians are being killed for their faith and 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed.

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We recognize the privilege we have to openly discuss the Bible and to create, share and display art that communicates God's faithfulness, so we have created the Hope Delivered® store with the core purpose of giving back to those who do not have the same freedom.  We proudly donate 20% of every Hope Delivered® purchase to Open Doors USA, a non-profit organization positioned on the front lines, with networks of ministries and services in over 60 countries around the world. Open Doors has been serving persecuted believers for over 60 years, making them one of the oldest on-going international ministries to suffering Christians. When we give to Open Doors, our gift helps strengthen and equip believers worldwide in the following ways: 

  • Bible & Gospel Development: equipping with Bibles or other Christian resources
  • Women & Children Advancement: providing life-changing programs such as safe houses and literacy training
  • Christian Community Restoration: giving help to rebuild or socioeconomic relief to refugees

Open Doors USA is a 501(c)(3) organization and a charter member of ECFA, the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. Visit OpenDoorsUSA.org to learn more about their extensive ministries.

Why Open Doors?

Around the time Chad Langhoff first began creating art for Bible stories, he was also reading the book God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew. Brother Andrew's account from the 1960's of smuggling Bibles to Christians behind the Iron Curtain was eye-opening to the issue of Christian persecution. It was also incredibly inspiring and challenging to Chad. He found himself learning as much as he could about the topic and was heartbroken over the reality of Christian persecution's existence still today. When he learned that Brother Andrew's ministry eventually grew into what is now Open Doors, Chad immersed himself in everything he could find out about their well-respected organization and was continually inspired by the stories of their ministry bringing hope to struggling believers worldwide. When initially developing the business plan for Hope Delivered, Chad knew that it needed to be about "more than just art." He wanted his company to give—more than the expected 10%—to a worthy, relevant cause. Although there are other great organizations and ministries out there serving persecuted Christians, when it came time to choose a ministry partner, Open Doors was Chad's first choice. He had immense respect for Brother Andrew and felt a deep connection with Open Doors from the very first time he learned about them. Chad is glad to use the platform of Hope Delivered to raise awareness about modern-day Christian persecution and also to be a proud, consistent donor to Open Doors USA, in order to help extend the reach of their long-running ministry.

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